Your Inner Circle

By Christian Life Coaching

According to the late Jim Rohn, a leading expert in personal development, you are the average of the 5 people closest to you in your life. If that is the case, and it certainly seems logical, then I would say many people are aiming rather low.

We have all heard the expression, “guilt by association.” It really is important who we associate with and who we spend our time with in life. It not only impacts the way we think but eventually could impact our choices and decisions in life. In addition, it can become the basis by which others form their opinions about us as well.

If our “guilt” or “success” is influenced by an association, then maybe we need to re-evaluate our inner circle. Who is in your inner circle? What does that inner circle do for us or how does that inner circle influence or shape us as individuals? Who do you have in your life that is encouraging you or challenging you to go higher? Wh0 can you learn from, be coached or mentored by? Who are some successful people you can get to know or befriend? What conferences have you attended led by successful people? What books have you read lately about success?

If you and I will become the average of the top five people you associate with or spend time with then what does that mean to you personally or professionally? What does your current circle of friends or associations say about you?

Success rarely falls into anyone’s lap. It takes purposeful and intentional work and that includes who we bring into our inner circle. If you find that you are the smartest one in your inner circle, then you may want to consider enlarging your circle.