Take Action

By Christian Life Coaching

The best way to achieve any kind of success is to take action. It doesn’t matter about the area or the topic. It reminds me of the law of physics. An object in motion stays in motion. If you are in motion, you have a greater chance of reaching your destination or goal. When you are in motion one thing leads to another. Possibilities arise and doors open that wouldn’t have occurred without an action of some kind. In fact, the opposite is also true. If you want to take your life on a downhill slide keep procrastinating, delaying or being passive. Rather than opening possibilities you may be narrowing or shutting down possibilities and options. If you sit on a fence too long, you may find people and opportunities passing you by.

Nothing stays the same. Life is in constant motion. Not even the seasons in nature stay the same. Success awaits those you dare to take action or move. Even if you make a wrong move or step you will learn from it and have a greater chance for success because of what you learned. One thing is for sure, nothing happens if nothing happens. You can count on that!

The worst thing in life is not failure. Many people think that it is, but that simply is not true. I can give countless stories of people you literally failed their way to success. They saw each setback as one more way to get it right. No, the worst thing is not failure. The worst thing in life is doing nothing. Tony Robbins once said you just need about five minutes of courage. I like that! So summons that five minutes of courage and take an action step. Do something – take action. When you do you will be on your way!