Your Dream Matters

By , Christian Life Coaching

What are you dreaming about? A vacation to Hawaii or the tropics? Sounds great! I certainly could use that kind of break myself. As a life coach, I love helping people explore dreams and possibilities. But aside from a vacation in the tropics, what are you dreaming about in regards to your life? Your dreams matter and they are as unique as your fingerprints.

I believe that the childlike capacity to dream is in our DNA. You and I were born to dream. How do I know? Every now and then, we feel that spark or flicker come to life. We get in touch with it when we see a billboard of a 94-year-old woman tossing a college diploma up in the air with sheer delight on her face. We experience it when we witness an unknown singer from an obscure village standing before a panel of judges and both the audience and judges stand to their feet applauding and cheering. We love it when we hear the story of a woman who was homeless ending up graduating from Yale. We stand up and cheer with her! Why? We love seeing the impossible become possible. We love hearing about people going for their dreams or winning a medal or prize. We love it because dreaming is in our DNA. It was what we were made to do!

Despite what you have been through or may be going through, there is a song inside of you that needs to be sung. There are books that need to be written, art that needs to be produced. There are inventions, businesses and designs that need to be created. Things that need to be built. There are words and encouragement that need to be spoken that only you can give. No one can take your place or do things in the same way that you would. If I gave you a microphone, what would you say? You have a voice and your voice matters! What you offer this world is as unique as you are.

Don’t minimize your value or your worth or your potential! You came into this world as a complete original, a masterpiece by God’s own design. Let me encourage you do some dreaming, to get off the sidelines of your own life. Get back in the game. Ask God to fill your heart with new dreams and vision. Because whether you are sixteen or sixty the world needs your voice!