You Said What?

By Christian Life Coaching

Be careful what you say….

“Be slow to speak”… Have you ever thought about how powerful your words are? Wars have been started by words. People’s lives have been healed and inspired by words. Words are very powerful. When I think of the word “encourage”, I think of “putting courage in.” When I think of “discouraging”, I think of “taking courage out.” How are you at encouraging yourself? Did you know that the number one person listening to you is YOU!

Think of it this way, if you go to a restaurant and you order steak, you don’t want them to bring you chicken. When you say “I can’t” or “I’m stupid”, you just placed an order. Your brain records that message and eventually, if you say it enough, your brain is also going to help you find a way to fill the order.

Let me encourage you this week to become your own cheerleader. Step into a successful mindset and let your words and conversation cheer you on!

Why not start encouraging yourself with your words. Why not start saying I know I have made mistakes, but with God’s help I will make better decisions. I am not a failure. I have something to offer. I can move forward. If you will begin to talk to yourself like this you will eventually not only encourage yourself, you will form a new belief system inside yourself.

What are you communicating to yourself and others with your words? Are you encouraging yourself or discouraging yourself. It is important to listen to positive things because it keeps your mind and attitude positive. What you feed yourself is what is going to come out of you in the form of choices and behavior.