You Get To Choose

By , Christian Life Coaching

That’s right, you get to choose.

Before you left your house today, you made countless choices or decisions like what to wear, whether to eat or not, whether to go to work, whether you would be in a good mood and put a smile on your face or grumble and complain. The most powerful thing you and I possess as humans is the ability to decide or choose. When we understand and get that, well, it changes everything.

So, when you get to choose, here are some important things to keep in mind:

1. Most likely, where you are today has much to do with the choices you made prior today. So, if you don’t like where you are in life, then choose to do something different! If where you are in life has nothing to do with your choices, then decide how you are going to handle it. The choice is still yours to make.

2. Where you are going tomorrow has everything to do with the choices you are making today. If you and I keep looking in the rear-view mirror of our lives, we will always stay stuck. Get into the NOW. What can you choose or do today that will take your life in a more positive direction?

3. Think big, but start small by creating new habits. Every choice in life matters and not just the big ones. If I eat a brownie today it’s not a big deal, but if I get into a brownie eating habit for the next
30 days, it will become a bigger deal with my waistline. The possibilities are endless. Start with something small like consuming more water. Or, choose an exercise you can tolerate for five minutes a day. The idea is to start small, but keep it going. Over time, you will form a new habit and the payoff will add up to something big!

4. Procrastination is not always your friend. Why? Choosing not to decide or make a choice is still a decision or choice. Sometimes we don’t want to make a wrong decision so we don’t do anything. But
not choosing to decide is still a choice! When you decide not to decide, you still have decided and that has consequences of their own. When you don’t choose, you basically give permission to someone else or circumstances to ultimately decide for you. you move to the backseat of your own life. So, if you don’t mind someone else driving your car, keep on deciding not to decide and see where you end up in life.

Choices matter. In fact, all choices matter. Become proactive with your life and your choices, because the most powerful thing you possess as a human is the ability to choose or decide. You get to choose. Choose wisely but choose!