Why Your Choices Matter

By Christian Life Coaching

When you woke up this morning, you made several choices about how your day would go before you even left your house. You decided whether to eat breakfast or not. You decided what to wear. Just a few decisions about getting up or not getting up, eating or not eating food, could affect your whole day. Our choices both small and large really do matter. In fact, every decision matters.

Sometimes we think our choices really don’t matter, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth! For example, what you decide today about education or lack of it, the friends you associate with or don’t associate with, who you will marry and a host of other decisions could affect your entire future! When we don’t believe our choices matter we become passive and unintentional with our lives. We let others decide for us and then we wonder why we have problems and difficulties.

In reality, the greatest thing you and I possess as humans is the ability to decide or to choose. We not only get to choose a number of things about our external world- what to wear, where to live, what to drive etc. but we also have choices about our internal world- our thoughts and attitudes. Those that realize the importance of their choice with their inner world, are the ones who have the greatest opportunity to succeed in life. They are using the greatest gift they possess- the power of choice.

We have been blessed by our Creator with a free will. What that means is we have more power than we realize. Even when circumstances are beyond our control, we still have a choice on how we will respond to those events. Roberta Flack’s parents once said, “You can live in the circumstances but the circumstances don’t have to live in you.” It’s a choice!

It’s always a choice! No one can make you respond in a certain way. No one can choose your thoughts or how you will think about a situation but you! At the end of a day, you always have a choice with even what you do with the difficult situations of life. You can either grow through those circumstances, learn from them and become a stronger and better person, or shut down and become bitter and angry. It’s always a choice!

To say that you have no choice is not only the ultimate blame game but it is not a very good way to live! The person that says they have no choice in the matter somehow believe they alone have been singled out and picked on by life. As long as it is someone else’s fault or I can blame some circumstance then I do not have to take ownership or responsibility for my life.

The real freedom comes in life when we take ownership for our life and our own choices. We realize we are not a victim unless we choose to be.. We learn to use the one important thing we possess- our choice. We realize that our choices do matter and that one choice at a time, we can move ahead, we can grow, we can change and even succeed in this life.

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