What’s Your Story

By , Christian Life Coaching

When I was a kid I used to love listening to stories. I still do. Who doesn’t like a good story or a movie based on a real story? If a person can tell me a good story they not only have my attention but often my imagination.

As a life coach, I am interested in listening and hearing people’s stories. Each of us has a unique story and our stories are important!

I wish I could say that every story I hear is a happy one. Sadly, that is not always the case. Some people’s stories or filled with pain or hurt. For others it seems like their story has come to an abrupt stop. It is like they haven’t turned the page in their story. They are stuck on the page of regret, sorrow, disappointment or failure. They haven’t moved onto another chapter.

However, stories are important and they do matter. More importantly, are the stories that we tell ourselves on a daily basis that matter the most. In what ways does the story I am telling myself help or hinder me? What do I need to change about my story to get a better outcome or accomplish my goals? Along with other people, the number one person listening to you is YOU!

No matter the story or the storyline, what I do believe is that if we are still here there a new chapters to write and new stories to tell. Those new chapters in your story are going to require your involvement and participation. What about you? What about your story? More importantly, how is your current story about yourself working for you or helping you? What is a better story you may need to tell yourself and the world about you.

Here is what I believe. I believe you are an amazing, unique and beautiful masterpiece. That is my story line about you, but more importantly what is your story about you?