What If?

By Christian Life Coaching

Often in coaching I ask my clients the “big what if” question. What would you do if you had nothing holding you back I life? What would you do if you had nothing standing in your way? I ask that question because I want to hear what is really inside a person’s heart. What is my client really dreaming about?

I believe we all have dreams inside of us. The sad reality is that we allow circumstances, situations, people and even ourselves to hold us back from going after our dreams. Days, weeks and even years go by. We think one day down the road. One day we wake up and realize we are down the road and life has somehow passed us by. We lament as ask ourselves “what if”?

Or, we rationalize and make excuses. I will hear people say that I don’t understand their situation. They have to survive and do the following because of their lack of finances, health etc. I never want to minimize the struggles of life. Sometimes we all can get in tight places. So, my response is “don’t quit your day job just yet!”? Maybe you can’t quit your day job, but what part of the dream or piece of it could you explore even in your current situation and lifestyle? Sometimes it really doesn’t have to be such an “all or nothing” approach. Let’s get creative, think outside the box a bit. If you dreams of traveling the world, then maybe we need to plan your next small trip. If you want to speak at a women’s conference, then consider gathering a small group of women in your home and lead a study of some kind.

Life really is too short not to experience your dreams in some capacity. With each year there are endless possibilities if you and I will dare to dream a bit and even think outside the box a little.

Here is what I do believe. If you have a dream, you have it for a reason. You don’t have to make it happen overnight. Even a small step forward or even talking to someone about your idea or dream is a start. Why not find someone else that is doing something similar that you can learn from, be mentored or coached by. This might just be the push you need to get you going.

So, let me go back to my original question. What would you do if you had nothing standing in your way? Your answer my friend is part of the puzzle. Take that answer, start to think creatively about how you could invite some part of that into your world. What would that look like? If you will do that, I think you will find that inner spark coming alive again. More importantly, I believe you will be moving one step closer to your dream.