What Are You Expecting?

By Christian Life Coaching

Most of us could be encouraged to raise our expectation level a little. I love the quote by Ralph Charell, “Nobody succeeds beyond his or her wildest expectations unless he or she begins with some wild expectations.” Great quote Ralph. There is a direct correlation between what we expect and the results we get in life. Very few of us exceed or go beyond what we expect.

If we are really honest, our expectation level could use a little boost and encouragement. The language in our mind is “what if I fail”, “what if I don’t make it”, “what if it won’t work”, or “what if that person doesn’t like me” and on and on the dialogue goes. When we expect negative results, the worst or failure, it becomes easy to make excuses, procrastinate, delay, and ultimately defer.

If you want something different in your life, then a good place start is to raise your expectations. Instead of expecting the worst or a negative outcome; expect good things. Begin to turn your “what if’s” into “What if it does work”, “What if I do succeed”, or “What if I do make it.” Expect to have a good day for a change. I’ll bet you will have one! Expectations and results work hand-in-hand. This day and this life is a precious gift given to you. You are more creative and resourceful than you have given yourself credit for being. Expect to have good day. Expect to have a good life and I believe you will begin to find a way to live it.