Waiting For The World To Change

By Christian Life Coaching

Yesterday I started singing waiting on the world to change, the popular John Mayer song. Who knows why I started singing this song, because I am not really a John Mayer fan per se, but I decided to look up the lyrics to the song. Not sure I knew them all. Catchy tune for sure, but a big ah-ha for me on the lyrics. Some of the lyrics here….

…It’s hard to beat the system when we’re standing at a distance. So we keep waiting…

Waiting on the world to change…..

…Waiting on the world to change. It’s not that we don’t care, we just know that the fight ain’t fair. So we keep on waiting…

Waiting on the world to change.

I wonder how many other people feel this way and embrace this philosophy of waiting to see what happens. More importantly, if we make this personal, how many people are even sitting on the sidelines of their own life? Are we so disempowered and without a voice that we have to sit by and wait for things to change? Wow, I hope not. I personally believe every person and every voice matters. You may not change governments but you do have a voice in your world and even in your circumstances.

Now while there will be things that we do have to wait on from time to time, much of what makes life exciting and challenging is that we do get to create, build, explore and solve problems. As a Life Coach, my heartbeat is to challenge people to get off the sidelines of their own life. I do not believe ultimately that passivity is your friend. As far as I know, passivity has never helped bring about significant change. In fact if you want to see your life go on a downhill slide just do nothing long enough and see what happens to your life. Rather than options opening up for you, they become more restricted. Stay passive long enough and eventually others will begin to make decisions for you!

One thing is for sure. Life is continuously changing and in motion. If you wait for the world to change, you may be sadly disappointed. More importantly, if you wait for YOUR world to change, you will end up in the back seat of your own life! Roll up your sleeves and get moving. Do what you can with what you have. Don’t wait for your circumstances to change, I think Mahatma Gandhi has it right on this one, “Be the change that you wish to see in the world.” You be the change and more importantly, be the change in your own world.