Turning Dreams Into Reality

By Christian Life Coaching

The story of Susan Boyle on “Britain’s Got talent” is the kind of feel good story that most of us like and can celebrate. We always like it when the unlikely happens. When Susan Boyle took the stage, the last thing the judges and audience expected was for her to succeed. Then she opened her mouth to sing and now you might say the rest is history. It was not only a stunning performance, but the emotional impact of the moment was unbelievable. The expression on the faces of the judges and audience was priceless! This unknown woman from an obscure village now became a symbol of much more than she would have ever dreamed could happen.

Once again, we are reminded of the beauty and profoundness of a dream. The message that we all must hear is that if the Susan Boyles of the world can do it, then maybe we can as well. Maybe it is not too late for us. I once heard the story of a 75 year old woman who wanted to be a world famous photographer. When asked by Coach Marcia Weider what she wanted to be when she grew up, she stated she wanted to be a world famous photographer. Marcia very wisely encouraged her to take a bold step and enter a photography contest. She did and to her surprise she won the contest and her photos traveled the world.

Well, what about you? What is your dream? What is standing in your way? Is it your appearance, your age, your lack of education? We can always find excuses of why this idea or that might not work. Excuses too often become our permission slip not to explore, not to create, not to step out and take a risk. But it seems to me that dreams only happen when we take bold steps, when we dare to take a risk, when we step out of our comfort zone even being willing to fall flat on our face if necessary.

Need more courage or confidence? Take one small step forward. Maybe the first step, like the 75 year old photographer, is to tell someone the dream. Sometimes we just have to step out and take a risk even if we feel foolish in the process. What we discover is that each small step leads to bigger steps and eventually we summon greater and greater courage and we find ourselves like Susan Boyle standing in the middle of our dreams. You have to move to move forward. A ship will not be directed if it is still at the dock. What are you waiting for? Time to launch out! It is never too late to start or to dream my friend and more importantly, I believe, the world is waiting for what you have to offer!