The Pause Button

By Christian Life Coaching

One important coaching principle that I talk with my clients and students is the idea of de-cluttering your life. De-cluttering can come in many forms. We can de-clutter our physical space. We can de-clutter our emotional space and mental space. We can de-clutter our relationships. We can even de-clutter our calendars.

Many times we have good intentions about starting new things, but that is where it remains. It occurred to me the other day the reason why I had made so little progress in one area of my life was because I don’t stop what I am doing to make time for this in my life. It wasn’t in my schedule. For example, if you don’t make the time and get in your car and go to the gym and sign up, you keep on with your current lifestyle. If you do not find a place or space to write and don’t schedule it daily or weekly, your book or blog never gets started or written.

To make “room” for new things and even the dreams that we have, we have to put things on PAUSE! If we keep saying tomorrow, a year has gone and we are no closer to our goal or dream. What is standing in the way of your dreams or projects? Could it be an overcrowded schedule or cluttered physical space? It’s hard to be creative on the kitchen counter. Maybe you have become distracted with situations and people that are draining your energy and time, Or, maybe you have become preoccupied with socializing online. As much as I love Facebook, I sometimes things a day offline wouldn’t be such a bad idea so we can be quiet, think and re-evaluate what is important and what are our priorities in life.

I say “time out”- better yet put it on PAUSE! Pause so you can de-clutter your physical space and think clearly- Pause so you can de-clutter your schedule.- Pause so you can go in a different direction. It really is okay to have a “time out.” There is no better time than now, even today! It starts with one step at a time and it starts with you. What are you waiting for?