The Light Of The World Has Come

By Christian Life Coaching

“The Light of the world has come and in Him is no darkness at all.”

When we think of Christmas we tend to think of the lights and glitter of the season, but the world that Jesus came to certainly did not resemble anything like our serene Christmas scenes or postcards. It was a dark time in history. The Word of God had not been heard for centuries.

Much like today, soldiers walked the streets of Jerusalem. The rule of Rome was oppressive. Because of a census, Mary and Joseph had to travel to Bethlehem, a 100 miles journey. No easy task without the modern day transportation we know and enjoy. When they finally arrived, there was no room for them to stay in a decent room, and as poor as the carpenter Joseph was, certainly he had no financial bargaining prowess.

The first Christmas was far from perfect, far from serene and definitely not filled with lights and tinsel.

The Christ child came to a messy world and a world filled with darkness. But isn’t that the point? We don’t need a perfect life or a perfect situation to make Him welcome. We just need an open door in the room of our heart.

If Christmas means anything it means that God understands our pain, our confusion and our darkness. He is with us. No matter how dark it may be seem, or where the darkness comes from, the light of the world has come and still enlightens the hearts of those who seek Him.