The Brand Called “You”

By , , Christian Life Coaching

What we invest our time and money in says a lot about what is important to us. Often people will invest their money in hobbies, vacations, outings, concerts or sports events. There’s nothing wrong with any of that. Let me ask you a question. When was the last time you invested in yourself? What I mean is taking the time to invest in yourself or to improve your personal life in some way, to learn or take your skills and talents to a new level.

In marketing, there is a lot of discussion about getting clarity about your brand. Well, what about the brand called “YOU”? We typically don’t consider ourselves as any kind of brand, yet we are. For example, when you meet someone for the first time, they form an immediate impression of you in about 30 seconds. Maybe you are not concerned with what others think. That may be okay to a point. After all who wants to be bound up by other’s option? On the other hand, ultimately, your success or lack of it has everything to do with perception. So, in the long run, it does matter.

Sometimes we shy away from any kind of self-improvement or self-education because We may think that what we have to offer is minimal or insignificant. We downplay our gifts and abilities. Or, we may feel that if we spend money or time on ourselves in some way, we are being self-absorbed or indulgent somehow. Let me encourage you to reconsider.

What benefit is it to you or others to play small in life? I tend to think that most people have not even tapped into but a tiny percentage of their potential! Consider that if you have been blessed to live another day that you are here for a reason. There then there are things that you have to offer that are totally unique to you. Why play it small in life. In the new year, let me encourage you to consider investing in the brand called “YOU.”