Success: Stand Out From The Crowd

By Christian Life Coaching

We want success. We want a promotion. We would like a raise or have some breaks coming our way. If we are really honest about it, we would have to say it is true. However, we often reason it away. We think we lack the education, talent or resources.

I would like to present a different argument. Regardless of education, skill or talent level, resources or not, what we may not be considering is that success has far more to do with the simple things we do on a daily basis. It is our daily rituals, habits and actions that eventually add up to reap huge benefits in the success category. Things such as attention to detail, doing our work with excellence, providing great customer service, being generous, offering respect and showing kindness.

It brings to mind the story of Wally, the cab driver. One day Wally decided that he was going to stand out from other cab drivers. He was going to differentiate himself from the rest. So he cleaned and shined up his cab, put on a clean pressed shirt and trousers. He also decided to put different kinds of magazines in the back of his cab and fill a cooler with drinks to serve his passengers. He wanted to know his customers favorite radio station to listen to and was always concerned that the internal temperature in his cab was to his client’s liking. If he was going to drive a cab, he might as well be the best cab driver in town. He was going to provide excellent service for his customers. How did it work out for Wally? Wally now has multiple cabs and if you want Wally to drive, you will have to make an appointment with him. When Wally stepped up his game and decided to be the best at what he did, others began to notice and seek his services.

The message is very simple yet profound. Paying attention to detail, providing excellent service, giving it our best really does count and eventually pays off in significant ways. In this world where people always seem to want to take shortcuts, just get by and do the minimum required, it does get noticed when people go over and beyond. It gets people’s attention. When people notice, the word spreads and new opportunities and doors begin to open. Nothing mysterious about that!

When you and I make a decision to be the best at what we do and to do it with excellence, it doesn’t matter the profession. Whether you are a cook, cab driver, teacher or an executive, if you will give it your all, and do it with excellence, you will not only stand out but you may discover that success and promotion will find you!