Success: Step In To Step Up

By Christian Life Coaching

I have been challenged in my thinking lately. We want success in life and business and yet we are not sure how to get there. We desire a breakthrough, but we don’t know how to have it. I have come to the conclusion that in order to step up to the next level in my own life, I have to step into it first.

What do I mean? Peak performers from musicians, business people to athletes will tell you the number one secret to their success is that they visualize success and play it out in their minds first. They step into the arena of success in their thought life first. This is powerful idea because the mind works a lot with images.

I have to step into the realm of success in my way of thinking and my perspective so my mind has something to work with. I have to see myself as being successful at what I am doing. I have to own the fact that I am smarter than I realize, more resourceful than I give myself credit for. If I will step into that kind of mindset, own it, and see it happening, then my brain will begin to give me ideas on how to make it happen.

I have said it repeatedly, but you are what you think and how you think. It really is so very true and just about that simple. Now, while there are many factors to success, the way we think and what we think is huge! If I don’t believe that I am successful or have the ability to get there, I won’t even try or make the effort.

The people that play bigger in their life will tell you that it didn’t just drop in their life. They took the time to cultivate and develop a positive mindset. If you want to step up then step in first. What does a successful person think? What do they say to themselves? How can I begin to step in to the mindset in my own life? How will I begin to visualize it and see it? What is it going to take? What does my new script or self-talk need to be?
How are you at encouraging-putting courage in or discouraging- taking it out?

Be your own cheerleader. Step into a more positive mindset yourself. Begin to wear it and watch yourself step up in your own life.