Stay In Motion

By , , Christian Life Coaching

With all that is going on with the COVID-19 virus and the uncertainty around it, many people are filled with anxiety. They wonder when their lives can get back to normal or some sense of normalcy? All of this inertia, coupled with the lack of socialization and separation from friends and family, is so difficult and stressful.

As a life coach, I think about getting through this and staying on tack emotionally and psychologically. How do I help my clients? How do we embrace these challenging times and continue to move our lives forward?

Well, for some strange reason I have been thinking about physics. That is really unusual for me because math and science are definitely not my strong suit. I keep thinking about Newton’s laws of physics. I did look it up to verify it, but one of the first lessons in Newton’s laws of physics is that “an object in motion stays in motion.”

This idea of staying in motion seems to be a fairly important concept to understand right now. It is really important not to allow our stay-at-home quarantine cause us to put our lives on hold. We may not have a job to go to right now, so how do we stay in motion? Maybe that requires literally moving by exercising every day. How do we stay in motion with the ideas that we have? What are the online possibilities? How do we stay in motion with the projects we have put on hold? How do we stay in motion with the organizing we have wanted to do? How do we get up every day, show up, and stay in motion? Maybe getting in motion means spending the day reaching out to people to encourage or motivate them by writing cards or making videos for them. Maybe getting in motion means making things for people, writing a book, designing things we could sell or cooking for people.

I have been blown away by the creativity that I see in social media posts and even on my local news. Restaurants, whose doors are closed, are now selling grocery items. People are making masks and selling them on Etsy and Shopify. People are forming car parades to encourage the elderly and young kids. Some are using this time to advance their education by taking online classes. Others are starting online businesses. The possibilities are endless.

I truly believe that coming through this as stronger and better people will require summoning our creativity and becoming resourceful. My encouragement to myself and you is to shift our focus. Instead of lamenting about what you can’t do, consider what you can do. How can you show up every day, get in motion with your life or encourage someone else?

Believe it or not, in good times and bad, small steps matter. Those small steps, if you will keep going with them, will eventually turn into meaningful achievements. Remember, an object in motion will always stay in motion.