Re-Energize Your Life

By Christian Life Coaching

Most of the things that cause us stress are not so much big things in life as much as the little nagging gnats that keep pestering us. These are the things that we put of doing like making a phone call we need to make, getting that doctor’s appointment, getting our teeth cleaned, getting the oil changed, getting the car inspected, organizing our office or kitchen, cleaning the garage, cleaning projects, pulling weeds, getting clothes repaired, etc. They’re always put off until another day, but too often that day never comes.

In reality, the only thing that gets “put off” is eliminating stress that we don’t need! When we keep putting things off, we are creating energy drainers for our life. Subtly and slowly unattended things that we are tolerating are really slowly zapping our energy and causing subtle stress that keeps piling up!

What is draining your energy? What are those pesky gnats that keep flying around? Start taking them down one at a time. Just doing something small everyday could make a world of difference in your mental state and emotional state!

So here are some tips on how to get started…

1. Take a few minutes TODAY and make a laundry list of the things that you are tolerating from the small to the great. Go ahead and do a mental dump on paper. Just getting it off your mind on paper is a great start.

2. Take yourself out of overwhelm. Sometimes there is so much to do that we don’t know where to start. We go into overwhelm and do nothing. Tackle the small things first. How do you eat an elephant? One fork at a time. Think small and think consistent! It’s the small things, done consistently, that add up to something big! Pick one thing that you will start with and schedule some time each day to tackle it even if it is 15 minutes. Put it on your calendar. Start today! Keep working on it until it is completed.

3. When you complete that task, go to the next thing. Schedule it, put it in your calendar and commit to it daily.

Even though these are very simple tips, you will be amazed at how satisfying and energizing it is to make progress and to check things off of your list. More importantly, I bet that one by one your mental state will get de-cluttered and you will begin to re-energize your life.