Passion, Motivation and People

By Christian Life Coaching

As I life coach and business coach, there are three predominant questions that I believe help us stay focused and poise us for success.

1.      What am I passionate about?

Many people are numbed out, bored, unfulfilled and just existing. Passion not only sells, but it is the thing that keeps us moving forward and gives us a reason to get out of bed.  If you don’t know what you are passionate about, you are not only wasting a lot of time, but your days can be like watching paint dry. So, what are you passionate about?

2.      What am I motivated to do?

I can have passion about coffee or ice cream, but not particularly want to work in an ice cream parlor or coffee shop.  So, while it is important to know our passions, the fact is, not everybody is wired to do the same thing.  The first step to success is finding out what you are motivated to do. What motivates you?  When you are operating in your motivational gifts you have a “YES” feeling or I was meant to do this kind of feeling.  Maybe you are not bored or lazy.  Maybe you are simply unmotivated.

3.      Who is your accountability partner?

Finally, the difference between dreamers and those who succeed are those people who have come to the realization that they need other people. So, who is on your team?   Who are the people who are wiser, with more experience that will keep you from reinventing the wheel, save you a whole lot of time and money and hold you accountable? Who are those people in your life?

What about you?  What are you passionate about?  What are you motivated to do? Finally, who is your coach, mentor or accountability partner?   It really could be the difference between ho-hum vs. “yes” type living, existing or greater success.