Making Life Deposits

By Christian Life Coaching

You know in life, there are certain principles that just work. Like sowing and reaping. For example, If you plant corn, you don’t expect to get potatoes. Gravity; what goes up is most likely coming down. In my coach training, we talk about the concept of deposits and withdrawals. It is an important concept to grasp for life success.

We understand that concept of withdrawals and deposits around money. For example, If I go to the bank and try to make a withdrawal and haven’t deposited money into that account, then the bank teller says something to me like, “sorry, ma’am, there are insufficient funds in your account. I can’t withdraw what hasn’t been deposited. Well, I can try, but it won’t work out really well.

Our life has other accounts if you will besides money. The problem occurs when we try to make withdrawals that exceed the deposits. Only to find the account empty. For example, we want to make a withdrawal or cash in the benefits of a close relationship with our spouse. However, if we haven’t made deposits like spending time with him or her, giving our spouse attention, showing affection, giving compliments, doing nice things for him or her, then why would we expect that we can so easily make a withdrawal of affection or goodwill from our spouse? Nothing has been deposited into that most important relationship. The same thing is true with close friends. How can I expect to withdraw kindness and goodwill from my friends if I don’t spend ever spend time with them? Or, when I do spend time with them, I only talk about myself and do not show any interest in my friend. Again, we want to cash in on the benefits of close relationships, but we haven’t made any deposits or investments in those relationships.

This same principle applies to work, health or any area of life. How can I expect to cash in on a bonus or promotion if I don’t make deposits in the workplace? Or, what about your health account? You may want to feel good and have more energy, but how can you make the withdrawal of good health if I you are not eating well, exercising, taking care of yourself or making any deposits into your health account?

Something to consider. So here is the principle. You can’t withdraw what hasn’t yet been deposited. If you constantly feel like you are trying to make withdrawals but not getting anywhere, you may need to reconsider how many investments or deposits you are making into your most needed life accounts.