Living A Great Life

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Are you living a great life? If you don’t know where you are going in life you will either end up lost or somewhere you never intended to go. How sad it is when people wander through life with no clarity about their direction or purpose in life. Some people give more thought to their next trip or vacation than they do their own life.

In coaching I try to help my clients have clarity about their direction and purpose in life. If they have lost their compass, I want to help them find it. When a person has clarity about what they want, where they are going in life and who they want to become. they have a roadmap or compass to follow. When a person lacks this kind of clarity they wander aimlessly and often feel dissatisfied and unfulfilled. It really is the difference between living a mediocre or a great life. I wrote a book about “living a great life” two years ago.

Some people are stuck in life because they have given up or feel life is unfair so why bother? You may feel that your life stinks. Much has happened to you that you had no say about. Please understand me I would never ever try to minimize your pain in any way. However, if it helps there are countless people who feel the same way. I have heard some horrific and painful stories in my 17 years of coaching! I personally don’t understand why people must experience what they experience, but I have also learned that the “why” question never solves anything anyway. As a coach I want people to move forward and not sidelined or stuck on a chapter in their life. I believe there is a better question, and that question is what or what now?

I happen to believe that having a great life doesn’t mean that we a have a life without problems. Wouldn’t that be nice? Sadly, that kind of life doesn’t exist. Life is and can be tough. We all have had life events that we have no explanation for. We don’t like it and it does stink! At the same time, I believe life can be good again and even great if we want it to be. Here is how I see it. Think of a navigation system. I personally use google maps often because I don’t want to get lost! Even I take a wrong turn, it reroutes me to my destination. I think it is a lot like that in life. We may have gotten off the path or taken some wild detours. If we will just get back on the road, God always has a new path or route for us to take.

When it comes down to it, the propensity to have a great life starts with you. My suggestion. Get back in the driver’s seat. Where do you want to go? What now? What kind of person do you want to be? What will be your attitude? These are your choices and decisions you can begin to make right now. Living a great life starts with you and the choices you make daily!

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Living A Great Life:
Personal Growth Lessons By A Life Coach

Whatever season of life you find yourself in, this book will give you new ideas and inspiration on how you can maximize your own life and truly make it a great one! Living a great life is not necessarily about having a life without problems. It is about taking the life we have been given and make it a great one. The principles shared here will help you find ways to improve your life and live it in a more meaningful way.