The Power of Influence

By , Christian Life Coaching

“The Key to Successful Leadership Today is Influence, Not Authority.” – Ken Blanchard

I believe Mr. Blanchard is right when it comes to leadership. People tend to follow other people that they respect and admire. It is not bravado or titles that impress us. It is the people who walk their talk, go the extra mile. It is the people who pay attention to details, who dot the i’s and cross the t’s in life. Often, they are the ones who have our attention and gain our respect. It doesn’t matter if they are a clerk, cab driver or a Vice President.

Influence is not a respecter of people, race, nationality, position or title. Influence is something that all of us can achieve regardless of our position or station in life.

We often tend to define success by the end results. We believe it doesn’t matter how you get there along as you do! We tend to associate success with numbers, results, the victory or achievement of the goal. Now, there is nothing wrong with going after a goal. Who doesn’t want to win or gain the prize, or accomplish the goal? We all like that. But when it comes to leadership, who would you rather have as your leader? A person driven by results or someone who is people or value driven?

From my perspective, real and authentic leadership never has or never will be about muscle, position or fame alone. The person who commands my respect and grabs my attention is the one who leads by example. They are not afraid to stand for their values. They go the extra mile and pay attention to even the smallest of things and details.

“The Key to Successful Leadership is influence not authority.” So true! Anyone who desires to make a difference in this life and lead by example is not only a winner but also a leader. At least that is the way I see it!