Who Do You See in the Mirror?

By Christian Life Coaching

I happen to think that women are pretty special! Unfortunately, many women that I encounter and life coach don’t feel that way. Many women really struggle in the area of confidence and self esteem. Many women don’t like who they see in the mirror.

Is it any wonder that this is the case, when there are so many ideas competing for our attention and our identity as women? Hollywood says that in order for us to feel good about ourselves we need to look like the airbrushed and surgically improved woman we see on the magazine covers. That could explain why 86% of adolescent girls feel anxious about their appearance and 92% of women want to change something about their appearance. Pop psychologists say that to feel better about ourselves we need a new attitude. That is great if you came from a functional, healthy family! Most people I know had some kind of dysfunction in their family. Then the financial gurus of the world tell us that we need lots of money in the bank and toys to feel good about ourselves. Then there are the naysayers who make us feel small or try to inject their opinion about how we should be. It is enough to make us all a little crazy!

Maybe we need to shut out all of these voices. Better yet, maybe we need to pick up a different mirror to get a better perspective about who we really are. The writer of James says that God’s Word can be compared to a mirror, and that we can look into that mirror and find freedom! I have sure found that to be true for my own life. As I dare to pick up God’s mirror, I see that I am not defined by Hollywood or man’s opinions. I am defined by the One who flung the stars into space and breathed His life into my very being. What He declares is that I am “fearfully and wonderfully made,” a “unique,” a masterpiece” called to a future and a hope! Despite my failures, background or dysfunctional family, I have been adopted and placed in His family. I belong. When I look into God’s mirror, I discover who I really am and I have to tell you that it is not only a great encouragement to my heart but it is a great place to live when it comes to feeling secure and confident in this life!