I Get To

By Christian Life Coaching

The next time you say or think “I have to”, think again. What do you really “have to do” in life? Well, it’s true that if you don’t do certain things there could be negative consequences. For example, If I don’t go to work, I may eventually not eat. If I don’t breathe, I am going to die. However, no one is making me breathe, no one is demanding that I get out of bed in the morning, or making me eat breakfast, etc. I choose to do those things or not to do those things. I have freedom of choice. The problem with thinking that “I have to” is basically saying I have no choice or option in the matter. When, in fact, I do have lots of options and choices.

How would things change if we shifted our “have to” to I “get to”? This is certainly a lot more empowering. I get to eat, I get to go to work, etc. When you think about it, it is a privilege to do those things. We actually get to go to work or eat. If I don’t like where I am working or living or what I am eating, then maybe I need to make some better choices to change those things.

This is an empowering and sobering reality. How often do we limit our life because we think we don’t have choices or options? We always have the ability to choose at our disposal. I am not suggesting that everything in life is rosy and there are never any problems. I am suggesting that even when things happen that we don’t like and are beyond our control or doing, we still can choose or decide how we will handle it or even what attitude we will have going through it.

When you realize that one of the most important things you possess are your choices, then that places you more in the driver’s seat of your life. If you don’t like what you are doing, consider making changes. If you can’t change the situation, then consider making some choices on how you will handle it, view it, etc. Even your attitude is a choice.

The next time you catch yourself saying “I have to”, consider that you “get to” do it. I believe if you will do that it, might just change everything for you!