Power Up With Gratitude

By , Christian Life Coaching

From psychologists to neuro-scientists, the research is clear on gratitude and its benefits. Gratitude is not only good for you and your greater well-being, but also good for your brain. Studies have been done on those who practice gratitude. For example, those who write in gratitude journals versus those who did not. The ones who did were happier, less stressed, more creative, and accomplished more goals.

Here is what I like about gratitude. Gratitude enlarges your perspective about life. When your perspective is enlarged you begin to see new possibilities that you may not have seen before. When you begin to see new possibilities, you start thinking less about your problems. When you stop focusing so much on your problems, you actually become a more positive person. When you become a more positive person, you also become a happier person. When you become a happier person, you find other positive people attracted to you. When positive people begin associating with you, you begin to have new opportunities and experiences. When new opportunities and experiences happen, you discover that you are in the middle of a whole new world and it all started with gratitude!

When you think about it, it is really difficult to be depressed and grateful at the same time. If gratitude is one of the secrets to a happier and healthier life, then why not get started?

“In everything give thanks….” Something to keep in mind.

So, what can you be grateful for today?