God-Inspired Dreams Never Expire

By Christian Life Coaching

When we were children, dreaming was as natural to us as breathing. We had no problem envisioning all the various possibilities of life. We wanted to be doctors, nurses, astronauts and explorers. Nothing seemed impossible and our dreams were as big as the sky. Sadly, when we became adults, we started to believe it was time to “grow up” and become realists and leave the dreaming for children.

I believe you and I were born to dream. The childlike capacity to dream and explore is still there and, ever so often, we feel that spark or flicker. We get in touch with it when we see a billboard of a 94-year-old woman tossing a college diploma up in the air with sheer delight on her face. We experience it when we witness an unknown singer standing before a panel of judges and both the audience and judges stand to their feet applauding and cheering. We stand up and cheer with them! Once again, we see the impossible become possible, and for a moment, we begin to experience that childlike feeling again. Maybe the dream is possible and even for us.

The one thing I have learned about dreams is that a God-inspired dream never expires. I may change and my circumstances may change, but His heart and dreams for me do not. I came into this world “fully loaded” with dreams, destiny and purpose. In the book of Romans (11:29), we read that “the gift and call of God are irrevocable.” I do not know what irrevocable may mean to you, but the correct definition is to not be changed or unable to be reversed. In other words, it is final! Consider that for a moment. The One who flung the stars into space is not going to change His mind on how He wired you or the dreams He has in mind for you.

Your circumstances may change or even take you places that you never imagined, but the dream is still there. Okay, maybe you did not pursue that teacher’s degree or nurses or doctor’s degree, but in what ways can you still teach, nurture, care or bring healing to others? What part of it can you reclaim? You can ignore it, run from it, or dismiss it, but the dream is still there. A God-given dream never expires. You were meant to not only dream, but to live a life of great joy, meaning, and fulfillment. Time to dream again!