Get Back In The Driver’s Seat

By Christian Life Coaching

Everyone is a leader and everyone a follower, but when it comes to our own life, many times we are followers. We often procrastinate and delay decisions we need to make. We want other people to rescue us or solve our problems. We avoid making decisions. We delay, ignore or fill our life with distractions. One day we wake up and ten years have rapidly gone by and we find ourselves in the same “old place.” We all know the definition of insanity. Doing the same thing over and over and somehow expecting that different results will magically appear. Yet we do it anyway.

One of the most important things in your life is YOUR LIFE. After all. It is YOUR life! That means no one else can live it for you. Well, you can allow other people to dictate how you live your life, but in the end how is that going to work out for you?

The most important thing you possess as a human is the ability to decide or to choose. You get to choose. You really do! It is always a curiosity to me why people allow other people to have more input and importance in regards to how they live their life than they do. That is like living in the back seat of your own life. Not a good way to live!

I have been passive about some things in my life and didn’t like the results. On the other hand, I have also stepped out in some things, taken risks and been amazed at the things that have happened. The coach is also a student and I am learning as I go in this great adventure called life. One thing I do know. Time is ticking and the “one day” that you keep saying you will get around to it, may never come or when you finally get around to it, you may have missed your window of opportunity.

What I have repeatedly observed is that being a spectator is not the best seat to have when it comes to your life. Complaining, griping and wishing for something different doesn’t change things either. Carpe Diem. Today is as good as any to begin. No time like the present and a long journey really does begin with the first step, so why not get started?