First Things First: De-Clutter Your Life

By Christian Life Coaching

One important coaching principle that I talk with my clients about is the idea of de-cluttering your life. To make room for new things and even the dreams that we have, we often need to de-clutter our physical, emotional and mental environments. What do I mean? I am really talking about getting rid of the things that clutter our physical, emotional and mental space that keep us from being productive and moving forward with our goals and dreams.

What is standing in the way of your dreams or projects? It could be as simple as a messy or cluttered physical space. Do you have a space to create, work and produce? It is very difficult to work or be creative on top of your kitchen counter. It is also hard to move forward when you are bogged down mentally with too many distractions or you are just too physically tired or drained emotionally. If you want to accomplish goals or dreams, you have to make room for them in many areas of life.

Let me suggest three tips or things for you to consider…

1. Prioritize: What is the one thing you have been putting off doing? Why not tackle it first? I love the expression, “eat the frog first.” If you “eat the frog” first or get the most undesirable thing out of the way, the rest of the day will go better. You won’t have it hanging over your head. You will be amazed how much better you feel and that nagging feeling will go away.

2. Organize: When we are unorganized, our mental space is cluttered. Organization is one of the best things that you can do to reduce your stress load. Why not take 10-15 minutes day to organize your life? When things are cluttered and you can’t find things, you are piling up unnecessary stress on yourself on a daily basis. For example, nothing is worst than trying to find your car keys when you are in a panic to get out the door for an appointment. Can you put your hands on important documents at a moment’s notice? Do you know where things are? Do you have a system that works for you? Just a little effort in this direction every day will soon have you totally organized and reducing that subliminal stress that is always there.

3. Eliminate: What can you eliminate from your life? What can you let go of? What is draining your energy? It is amazing what we tolerate and allow our minds and emotions to become cluttered over. If you are bogged down emotionally and mentally you are not going to be productive.

Finally, who and what is draining your energy? Do you have time for healthy relationships and the people that matter to you? Do you have time for you? Are you on your schedule each week? What are you doing for yourself on a weekly basis for self-care? What boundaries do you need that will bring your life back into balance and give you more joy?

If you will take the time to de-clutter your physical, mental and emotional space, you will find not only that your joy and energy will return, but I believe, you will have made space for your goals and dreams to move forward in the New Year.