Finding Your Lane

By Christian Life Coaching

Life is not perfect and neither are our jobs, but there ought to be more of what you like or love about your job than not. Successful people understand who they are and who they are not. They know their strengths, gifts and passions and have decided to invest and build on those attributes. For them it is majoring on the “majors.” They are intentional about being in the right lane for their life.

Unfortunately, not everyone understands this concept of being in their “lane.” Too many people are trying to be something they are not or to live out a script that is not their own. So, the melody is dissonant. It’s like walking to a rhythm that is not yours or like forcing a square peg into a round hole. Does that describe you?

You may be missing the obvious. What have your friends been trying to tell you? I often find that other people know us better than we know ourselves.. I bet if you will pay attention to the clues in your life, you will see a pattern emerging. What comes natural to you? What do you love doing? Ever had an experience where you said, “I was made for this’! What seems more like play than work? What are you passionate about? What are some of the things you do well?

There is a beat and rhythm that is yours alone. Don’t become a copy. You owe it to yourself to be the best you that God made you to be. No one else has your heart, your expression or your unique gifts. Being in the right lane for your life is acknowledging who you are, what you do well and giving yourself permission to pursue your shape and place in life.