Are You A Confident Woman?

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Are you a confident woman? How are you doing when it comes to believing in yourself? Why am I asking? Well, most successful people will tell you that, in order to have confidence, you have to believe in yourself. That also happens to be the definition of confidence, “a belief or trust in yourself or others.” So, how are you doing in the confidence department?

Let me speak as a woman and life coach about confidence. In today’s world, it is very difficult to be a confident woman.

I believe the number one confidence robber with women is what I call the comparison trap. When it comes to comparisons, women are the worst at it. Women notice everything. Just the other day I was standing in line and a woman was eyeballing and checking me out from head to toe. It made me feel a little uncomfortable. Did they like what I was wearing, was it okay? It’s amazing the thoughts that can go through your head. Look, it doesn’t matter if it is the handbag or outfit the other woman wears to the wrinkles on someone else’s face to our own, women notice it all. We notice what the room looked like, the house, the kids, etc.

More importantly, we compare ourselves with other women. Do we look good enough? Are we dressed right? Are we good enough as a wife, mother, or career person? And if all of this isn’t enough, we are also bombarded on a daily basis with messages from billboards, magazines, and television about what we are supposed to look like.

Here is the problem… most women I know don’t look like that airbrushed or surgically improved woman on the TV or magazine cover. However, it works on us. I read recently that about 92% of all women want to change something about their appearance.

What is the message we buy into? As women, are we wanting to be glamorous and sensual like the woman on the cover of a magazine or on the movie screen? Are we too feminine or not feminine enough? Are we to be soft or do we need to be harder and more aggressive? Is it okay to be a stay at home mom and homeschool your kids? Or, do we feel inadequate because we don’t have a career? Is it okay to have a career and not be a stay at home mom? Or, maybe we should turn into wonder woman and try to have it all. The messages vary, but you can be absolutely sure of one thing, comparisons are not fun. If we are not careful, we can feel insecure and inadequate in our endless pursuit of whatever we think we should have or become.

It’s time to get off the comparison treadmill. It’s time to honor your heart, your values, and be who God made you to be and be okay with it! The best thing we can do for ourselves is to get comfortable in our own skin, get comfortable with our season, and get comfortable with our story. We should not allow others to impose false standards upon our lives.

That is exactly why I created the 30-Day Confident Women Challenge. I wanted to help you overcome the obstacles that keep you from being your most confident self!

What is holding you back from being your most confident self? Let me help you get there. Check out the details on my new 30-Day Confident Woman Challenge for Women on my website… CLICK HERE

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