Changed Thinking Changes Lives

By Christian Life Coaching

Many years ago, James Allen wrote the very popular book, As A Man Thinketh. In this book he states, “All that a man achieves and all that he fails to achieve is the direct result of his own thoughts.” That’s a very powerful statement! According to Allen, where we are in life is in direct proportion to our thoughts. So if you have a question about your progress in life maybe you should ask yourself what are my thoughts like?

Behavioral scientists now say that most people entertain about 600 negative thoughts a day. No wonder so many are having a bad day and are not happy with their lives. With that much negativity to contend with in any given day, it’s a wonder anyone gets anything done. On the flip side, just think about what might happen if we had a flood of positive thoughts bombarding our minds each and every day? Can we?  Is it really possible?

As a life coach I deal with so many people who feel “stuck” in life and most of that being “stuck” has everything to do with a person’s thinking.  What we fail to realize is that our brains are like tape recorders.  If you are not intentional about what you are putting into that brain of yours, if you are not careful about what you are reading, what you are absorbing, what you are listening to you, then you may just be cultivating a garden of negativity and toxic thinking!

If you want a better life, the starting place would seem to get a hold of your thought life, because if you can change the way you think and how you think, you can change your life!  So, here are three very basic things to consider about moving your thinking in a different direction:

1. Tune in! Most people are very passive and oblivious when it comes to their thought life. What are your thoughts like? Tune in! What are you saying to yourself on a daily basis?

2. What beliefs are driving the car of your thinking? Your thoughts are only a reflection of your most basic beliefs. What message or messages do I really believe? Where does that come from?  Is it a result of a life experience, something that happened to me or was said to me?

3. What is the real truth? What is a better script for me?  Truth always transforms.  You have to make a decision.  Will you believe the truth or a lie? Saying “I can’t”, or “this will never happen” or “I will never get it right” isn’t exactly empowering language and will definitely not encourage your beliefs!  Instead of “I can’t”, why not “I choose” or “I will.”  Better yet, how about- “I can do all things through Christ who gives me the strength.”

Here is the good news!  Just because your mind is filled with negativity and toxic thinking doesn’t mean you have to stay there.  The reason why you have negative and limited thinking on board is because you have allowed those messages to play over and over in your head.  You have never taken the time to give yourself a new script.  You have not stopped that “stinking thinking” in it’s track. Give yourself some new tapes.

Give your mind some new information to work with.  God’s Word declares that we can be renewed in our minds.  We really can have a mental makeover. That is the good news! It requires some effort, grabbing our thoughts and confronting them with the truth and a new script, but the reward and benefits are huge! What would be the benefit for you for changing the way you think and more importantly, isn’t it worth the time and effort?