Change Your Behavior, Change Your Life

By Christian Life Coaching

James Rohn once said, “Unless you change how you are, you will always have what you’ve got.” Well said. It is true that perspective is everything. One person sees obstacles and another sees opportunities. It really does matter how you see or view things. Even the Apostle Paul admonishes us to be renewed or “made over” by renewing our minds.

I couldn’t help but marvel at a recent documentary I saw on the life of.Nick Vukicic. Nick is a young man with no arms, no legs swimming in a pool, speaking before huge audiences as a motivational speaker and totally engaged in life. Talk about perspective! There is no doubt that Nick has a very strong belief system that influences the way he thinks and approaches life. In fact, it’s downright humbling!

The truth is our unique perspective and the way we “do life” comes from what we think and believe at the deepest part of our being. Want to know what you really think and believe? Look at your behavior. Your behavior will always give you away and is just a monitor of your most predominate thoughts. What you focus on gets acted out! Your behavior is just following your mental orders. Your brain tells your emotions what to feel based on your thoughts and then behavior is soon to follow unless the thoughts are challenged.

So to requote James Rohn, Unless we change what we really believe and the way we think, we will always have what we’ve got. You can’t afford to be passive with your thinking and have a changed life! The most fulfilled and successful people are those who challenge themselves with tough questions, examine their own belief systems and make the effort to aggressively rid themselves of toxic thinking.

Janet Daughtry