Change It Up

By Christian Life Coaching

I love the change of seasons and Fall happens to be one of my favorites. In fact, I wandered into Starbucks today and had a Pumpkin Spice latte. What a good decision… yummy! I love the aromas and colors of Fall and the cooler days. Change is good. We need it in life. Life can get fairly routine and dull doing the same old things all of the time.

So, how will you move out of your routine and rut? What have you been wanting to change in your life? Why not allow the change of seasons to be a time of change for you? Why not venture out and try something new or different. Join a club, take an online class, sign up for a cooking class, go to an exercise class, or work on a new project that you have been putting off. Here is what I do know. Too often we want change but we don’t do anything to initiate it or to make it happen. But, as a dear friend of mine always says, if you want to catch a train, it might be good to go to the train station. Agreed!

Change always begins with us. It really does. So I hope you will embrace the new season and change it up in your own life!