Are You Ready for A Change?

By Christian Life Coaching

Well, the New Year is here and most people get excited about a new start, a new beginning. I love the word new and all that it means. So, let me encourage you to consider several things to get January off to a new start. Notice that I said January. It is much easier to think about change in 30 day intervals than the whole year. After all, big accomplishments and successes start with small victories and achievements along the way.

So here are my thoughts about three things you can do to get your month off to a good start…

1. Give yourself permission to have a clean slate.

No need to think about what you did not do or wished you had done last year. 2011 has come and gone. Let bygones be bygones. You have been given a new year so take it and run with it. Shift your focus. Off with the old and on with the new!

2. Don’t try to be a goal setting hero.

Sometimes New Years resolutions go awry because we try and accomplish too much all at one. For example, losing weight, getting out of debt and buying a house may be wonderful goals, but a bit overwhelming if tackled all at the same time. Pick one area you would like to see some change and focus on that. Write it down. What are you willing to commit to on a daily basis or weekly basis for the next 30 days? Check off your progress.

3. Grab hold of that attitude!

Get the right attitude! Become a winner in your thinking. Believe you can do it. Instead of thinking, I will never make it. Start thinking why wouldn’t I make it? If you slip, fall or get off the track, don’t throw in the towel and quit. Pick yourself up and start over. In fact, reward yourself when you meet your weekly goals.

Are you ready for change? The journey of a thousand miles really does start with one step. Time to begin. One step does lead to the next and before you know it 30 days will have come and gone and you will be 30 degrees closer to your goal.

Blessings to you for a Happy and Prosperous New Year!