3 Important Questions

By Christian Life Coaching

You may be one step away from real change in your life by asking yourself three important questions. What can I change? What can I do? What can I control?

Most of us are blaming or finger-pointing about where we are in life. The reality is that much of where we are in life today has everything to do with the decision and choices that we made prior to today.

While blaming may make us feel good temporarily, it rarely solves anything. There is a better way! It’s time to stop blaming and finger-pointing and take a long look at yourself in the mirror. You are ultimately responsible for your happiness and success in life. Plain and simple. No one else is going to do it for you or cause you to get there. If you wait for others or situations to change you or make you happy, you will wait your entire life. There may be things that you can’t control, but what things can you control? There may be things that you are not able to do, but what things can you do? What can you do, what can you control and what can you change?

Change rarely happens overnight for anyone. One step forward today is one step you didn’t take yesterday and one step closer to your overall goal. Remember any journey worth taking does begin with the first step. Your success, your happiness, and your future depends on the choices you make or the choices you don’t make today.

Again… What can you change? What can you do? What can you control?