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29 Nov

Pain Is Not Your Enemy

Pain is not easy to experience. Most of us try to avoid it. Better yet, if we can find a way to eliminate or get...

15 Nov

A Values Driven Life

Sometimes the most important thing is to decide what is the most important thing! We often wonder why we are not making more progress in...

Life Coaching Client Testimonials

  • “Life coaching has assisted me in claiming freedom over misconceptions and untruths I believed about my self and my life. With God’s Word as her guide, Janet is helping me to refocus my life toward God’s planned purpose.”

  • “It is hard to put into words the impact that you have had in my life! I know that it was God’s divine plan to link us together for such a time as this. Although I have been in the ministry for years, there were fears I needed to face in order to move forward."

    Amanda Graybill
  • “I know I’ve said this before Janet, but I can’t say it enough, THANK YOU for all that you did with coaching me, you have changed my life and given me hope!”

    Maria Simone
  • “She is very intuitive. She quickly comprehends the values and road blocks within her clients. Long after the active coaching relationship has ended, the work we did together is still producing fruit. Janet really cares about her clients’ success.”

    Sarah Marks

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How long has it been since you felt good about your life direction, life purpose, personal relationships or your LIFE?
As a Christian life coach, my heart is for women to get to the next level and to experience breakthroughs both personally and professionally.


What Do I Do As A Christian Life, Business, Ministry, & Leaderhip Coach For Women?

- I life coach women from a faith-based, Christian perspective.
- I help you gain greater discovery and clarification of your goals.
- I help you develop a positive mindset and faith-filled approach to life.
- I help you plan and strategize an appropriate course of action.
- I support you as your cheerleader and encourager to be your best.
- I, most importantly, really listen to your heart and honor your voice.


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